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Welcome to Islamic Union of Hong Kong (IUHK)

The Islamic Union of Hong Kong's missions are to improve the general welfare of Muslims in Hong Kong, promote and foster the practice of Islamic principles, and to spread, expound and propagate the truth of Islamic knowledge. (Video)

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Iman is sweet

Allah (swt) said: But whosoever turns
away from My Reminder, verily for him is a life
of hardship. (Taha: 124)
The above verse tells us that the soul is not
brought joy, happiness, and is not purified,
neither are its grief, anxiety and apprehension
taken away except by believing in Allah. There is
basically no relish in life except with Iman
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Haji Imam Mohamed Yaqub Ma Tat Ng Library
Monday - Friday, Sunday & Public Hoilday(10 a.m. - 6 p.m.)
Saturday (Closed)

There is no Fairy Tale

Shaykh Hamza: Patience is when you're aware that you're accepting something (which is undesirable to you) from your Lord [i.e.His decree] & maintain a good opinion of Him.

Shaykh Hamza: Patience is not the same thing as simply bearing your load; after all, you don't call a donkey "patient" for bearing its load.

We are all facing different kind of difficulties, having different degrees of suffering everyday. Perhaps we should see those tribulations as challenges, opportunities and blessings. Bear them with patience and gratitude. May Allah (swt) shower His mercy on all of us. Ameen.