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Both of his parents had died by the time he was only six years old, the Prophet (SAW) grew up as an orphan. As difficult as the life of an orphan usually is, Allah (SWT) blessed the Prophet (SAW), providing him with refuge, the love and care of his uncle, and all of his basic material needs.

The Prophet’s lineage is clearly documented in books of history; every one of his fathers is known all the way back until Adnan. And even though historians disagree about the names of Adnan’s forefathers, they agree that Adnan – and by extension the Prophet (SAW) – was a direct descendant of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS).

Prayer is a symbol of the religion; it distinguishes a Muslim from a non-Muslim. It is performed five times a day. If it were less than five, it would be said it is light but it is not light. This is why prayer is the last pillar, even when people show laxity towards other symbols and pillars of the religion, prayer will become the last strong pillar that protects the religion and distinguishes its followers from others.

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