Bring to remembrance the favors of Allah upon you, do not trivialize them. A sage once said: “We remember our losses but forget what we have.” Feel the favors of Allah upon you, from above you and beneath you. Allah (swt) said: “And if you count the blessings of Allah never will you be able to count them.” (Ibrahim 34)

You are physically healthy, hale, thank your Lord. You drink cold water while there are others whose waters are murky. You are in your country, you have your garments and the pleasant atmosphere, you have water and there is happiness around you. Be grateful to your Protector and Creator, verily, the words of gratitude to the One Who has favored you confers tranquility to your heart and calmness to your limbs, and bring about happiness. You have two eyes by which you see, two ears by which you hear while there are others besides you who are blind and deaf. Allah (swt) said: “Then which of the blessings of your Lord will you both (Jinns and men) deny?” (Ar-Rahman: 13)

Do you think it is a trivial thing that you have two legs and someone else has had legs amputated? Is it trivial or inconsequential that you sleep till your eyes’ fill while sleep has departed and insomnia is the sleep of many? Thank your Lord. Be constant in showing gratitude for with gratitude do favors remain. Look at your beautiful skin and hair, your Creator honored and Glorious has beautified you with them. Contemplate carefully in your mind, a mind which perceives, examines and ruminates while some intellects have been sealed. Be grateful to your Protector, the Beneficent, the Merciful Allah (swt) said: “And He has completed and perfected His grace upon you, both apparent and hidden?” (Luqman: 20)

Do not discountenance any favor, otherwise it would perish. Rather, show gratitude for a small (favor) before the big favor comes. Thank whoever does any good to you even if it is small. Say: “Thanks; may Allah reward you with good; may Allah recompense you – may Allah be kind to you.”

Say to every employee who does a job for you or to one who mends your car. Do not say: “This is part of his job, he has no right to be thanked.”

Say to your teacher: “May Allah reward you with good.” Say: “Thank you,” that you might earn reward and earn the love of others. Put joy and pleasure into your brother’s heart and yours. Our pure religion is a religion of love, a religion of faithfulness. Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “He does not thank Allah who does not thank people.

Verily, whoever does not thank his Protector, his Lord and Creator over a small piece of bread will never thank Him for a buffet. You strut around in the garb of health and peace, your children are around you, you possess the provisions for the day, safe in your den, why then the grief?

Do not grudge your Lord nor contend with Him because He has not been abundant in giving you as He has endowed others. How would it be if you had been busied with mansions and treasures, you could become unwary of showing gratitude to your Lord? Show gratitude to your Lord, show gratitude to those around you, it is enough for you that you are a Muslim and one of the people of the testification: “Laa ilaaha illAllah Muhammadun Rasoolullah” (meaning: none is worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.)

Take a look at Al-Ahnaf bin Qays the epitome of perseverance amongst the Arabs when he was presented his evening meal which consisted of a peace of dry bread, some water, salt and oil: however, for its existence, he turned his tongue to gratitude for the favors and said: “Praise to Allah, wheat from Iraq, Oil from Damascus, water from the Tigris River and salt from Turkmen, this is tremendous favor, I would be ungrateful for the favors of my Lord if said I am poor.

The one who does not thank Allah for the little will not thank Him for much. Enjoy giving thank; thank your Lord every time you rise in the morning hale and hearty and in safety in your house. Do not take favors in full and then give thanks in installments: the bare-footed says: I shall thank my Lord when He bestows upon me shoes, the one with shoes delays gratitude till he gets a swift car, the amputee says: when I have feet!

The one yet to be admitted to the university delays gratitude till he gets admission and the admitted one till he graduates; and the graduate till he specializes, the merchant till he is successful in his transactions, the sick till he recovers etc.

Give thanks to your Creator upon everything, be grateful now. Practice the words of gratitude. Allah (swt) said: “If you give thanks, I will give you more.” (Ibrahim: 7). The Prophet (saw) said: “O Allah! Assist me upon your remembrance, in giving thanks to You and in perfecting Your worship.”

by Abdullah bin Sa’eed Az-Zahranee