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1.   Each registered IUHK member patron may borrow a maximum of SIX items of library materials. Non-IUHK member patron may borrow a maximum of TWO items only.
2. Reference materials and materials in the Special Collection shelves are not for circulation.
3. Library materials for lending may be borrowed for a period of 14 days.


4.   Library books may be returned to the Library or 7th Floor IUHK Office if the library is closed.


5.   All library materials may be renewed for a maximum of 14 days, unless the material is reserved for another patron. Materials presented for renewal that have been reserved must be returned immediately. Requests for renewals may be made in person, by telephone or by e-mail.


6.   Any library material may be put on reserve for a patron. The patron will be notified as soon as the reserved material is available. Once notified, the patron has 5 days to pick up the reserved item.

Overdue Materials

7.   Patrons with overdue materials will receive a first reminder after two weeks, a second reminder after four weeks and a third reminder in writing after six weeks. All library privileges will be suspended with the third notification. Overdue items must be returned or paid for in order to reinstate borrowing privileges.
8. Materials that are overdue will accrue fines of 50 cents a day.
9. All patrons will have borrowing privileges suspended until all fines are paid.

 Lost of Materials

10.   Patrons are responsible for damaged or lost library materials. The replacement fee for an item is determined by the current cost of that particular item. A processing fee of $30 per item will be added to the replacement cost.

Patron Requirements

11. Requirements for an adult patron card: A picture ID with a current address or his/her own IUHK member card. Non-IUHK members are required to provide copies of HKID card and proof of residential address which bears your name.
12. Failure to supply library staff with complete information, including full name, address and telephone number will result in the refusal to issue a library card.
13. Patrons will be required to present their library cards to check out materials.
14. A patron may not use another person's library card to check out materials.
15.  The first library card is free so is the replacement card for a used-up one. If the card is lost, a replacement card will be issued for a fee of $2. When issuing a new card, the patron will be warned that the old card is no longer valid and should it be found, it should be destroyed. Each patron is to have only one barcode number.
16. Requirements for a child’s patron card: A child under the age of 16 must have a parent present in order to be issued a library card.
17. A patron can only use his or her own library card to borrow from the library.
18. He or she shall not lend or transfer his or her library card to any other person.
19. If the patron is not a Hong Kong citizen, he or she cannot borrow or renew any items during the last month of his or her stay in Hong Kong, unless written proof can be provided for the permission of his or her extension.
20. A patron shall forthwith report to the Librarian in writing after change of his/ her residential address.

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