Fruits for the Week


12. When the person stops somewhere, he should say: “A’udhu bi kalimaatillahit-taammati min sharri ma khalaq.” ( I seek refuge in Allah’s perfect words from the evil that has been created). (Muslim)


When night falls, he should say: “Ya ardhu, Rabbi wa robbuki Allah, inni a’udhu billahi min sharriki wa min sharri ma fiki, wa sharri ma khuliqa fiki, wa sharri ma yadibbu ‘alaiki, wa a’udhubillahi min sharri asadin wa aswada, wa min hayyatin wa ‘aqraba, wa min saakinil baladi, wa min waalidin wa ma walada.” ( O earth, my Lord and your Lord is Allah. I seek refuge in Allah from your evil, from the evil that is in you, from the evil that is created in yoy, and from the evil of what walks upon you. And I seek refuge in Allah from the evil of the lion and the black serpent, and from the snake and scorpion, and from the inhabitants of the locale and from the begetter and that which is begotten.) (Muslim and Ahmad)

13. If the traveller fears loneliness, he should say: “Suhanal malikil quddus, rabbul malaaikati war-rooh, jullalatis-samawaatu bil ‘izzati wal jabaroot.” (Glory be to the Master, the Holy, Lord of the angels and Spirits, exalted is the heavens by His Power and Greatness” (Tabrani).

14.   If one sleeps early in the night, he should spread out his arm. If the person sleeps late in the night, he should keep his arm folded under him, with his head on his palm, in order that he does not have a heavy sleep and miss the fajr prayer in its proper time. 

15. When the traveler comes upon the city, he should say:Allahummaj’al lana biha qararan, wrzuqna fiha rizqan halalan, Allahumma inni as-alukamin khairi hadhihilmadinati wa khaoiri mafiha, wa a’udhubika min sharriha wa sharri ma fiha. (O Allah, make it a resting place for us. Provide for us from it permissible provisions. O Allah, I ask of You for the good of this city and the good of what it contains. And I seek refuge in You from its evil and the evil of what it contains.”)

16. The traveller should try to return quickly to his family and land as soon as he is finished with his need or business on the trip. This is because Allah’s Messenger (saw) said: “ Travelling is a portion of torment. It keeps one of you from his food, drink and sleep. If any of you is finished with his need of travelling, he should return quickly to his family.”

17.   Upon returning home, one should say:   “Allahu akbar” (Allah is the Greatest) three times and also say: “Aaiboona taaiboona ‘aabidoona, lirabbina haamidoon.” (We are returning, repenting,serving our Lord and praising Him). This should be done because Allah’s Messenger (saw) did so. (Bukhari and Muslim)

18. One should not return to his family at night. Furthermore, he should send a messenger ahead to announce his coming so he does not surprise them by his return. This is from the guidance of Allah’s Messenger (saw)


A woman may not travel a distance of a day and night unless she has a mahram (male relative within the prohibited degree of marriage or her husband) with her. This is because Allah’s Messenger (saw) said: “It is not permissible for a woman to go on a journey of a day and night except in the presence of a mahram.” (Muslim)


(Prepared by Shaikh Abu Bakr Jabir Al-Jaza’iry)