In youth, we are under the impression that happiness is due to good health, big wealth, material items that we could possess, and many other items that we can have. However, when we mature and learn the reality of things, we gradually discover that the real happiness is to give and to make people around us happy.

In addition, before maturity we think that the greatest gift is to offer a lavish meal to others and give others the money they need. Nevertheless, when we mature it becomes clear to us that the real gift is not money per se, but the reality is, there are other things that are more important than money. Do you know what these things are?

These are things related to the soul, mind, expertise, and time:


  1. We give a true gift when we pray to Allah, the almighty, on behalf one of our brethren.
  2. We give a true gift when we are capable of pardoning people who hurt us, and we have clear hearts towards them.
  3. We give a true gift when we accept other people’s apologies and forgive them.
  4. We give a true gift when we present a great idea that changes the life of a person for the better.
  5. We give a true gift when we entice and encourage others to do good and become successful.
  6. We give a true gift when we would be good citizen all in all, contributing to the carrying of the country’s burdens and responsibilities.
  7. We give a true gift when we demonstrate to the person that mingle with us that his life is wonderful when he is with us or close to us.
  8. We give a true gift when we offer true respect to the person who, in reality, does not deserve it, because our real nature and innate self refuses to do otherwise.
  9. We give a true gift when we give up some of our time to offer a brotherly service to the person who needs it.


A philosopher once said, ‘Material gifts are not as valuable as intellectual one. The jewels, rings, and all other valuable things that we present as gifts to our loved and dear ones are not in reality true gifts. They are only apologies for not giving a true gift. The only true gift is a portion of your soul.’


Examine and meditate on the statement of Allah, the Almighty, in the Glorious Qur’an,’ And, those who came after them say, ‘O Allah! Pardon us, and our brethren who were ahead of us in faith. O Allah! Place not in our hearts hatred for those who believed. Our Lord! You are the Most Kind, Most Merciful.’ (Al-Hashr: 10)


Also meditate on the statement of Allah’s Messenger (saw), ‘A prayer of a Muslim, on behalf of his brother is fulfilled. Above his head there is an angel assigned for him. Whenever such person makes supplication for his brother, the assigned angel would say, ‘Amin’, and the same for you.’ (Muslim)  


The Messengers of Allah did not own wealth and material things. These material things were not the greatest things they offered to their nations and peoples. However, they presented to them the vision, the path, the ideas and concepts, and the greatest objectives. Similarly, all the divine reforms, throughout the history of Islam, followed the same path of such great Messengers and Prophets.


What does this mean? It means the following:


  1. Do your best to make the people around you happy. That is the peak of giving.
  2. When we offer a service to a Muslim with sincerity, we are in reality offering it to our own selves. By that, we would be qualified to receive the divine gifts and mercy from the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.
  3. Do not be scared of the success for the ummah, nation. Moreover, you are a part of it.

Smiling, warm reception, sympathizing, caring and intimate feelings, are some of the things that people need most. These also must be the things we should offer others. 


(Prepared by Dr. Abdul Karim Bakkar)