Fruits for the Week


This is a promise from Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him),and Allah never breaks His promise. A malicious and repulsive person will not enter Paradise. Rather, Allah has prepared Paradise for His slaves who have free hearts and guided intellect; those from whose harm the Muslims are safe, those whose hearts are open to their brothers in the Deen, those who show patience with their brethren, overlook their faults and do as if they are not aware of their brother’s mistakes. It is for these people that Paradise has been promised.


Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said:” You will not enter Paradise until you believe, and you will not believe until you love one another. Shall I direct you to an act which if you carry it out, you will love one another? Spread the greetings of salaam among yourselves.”

The above hadith tells us that it is the righteous who seek the love of the people most. They seek their intimacy because people’s love for them and their own love  for the people are precursors of a worthy prize: Paradise.

Allah will always aid the slave when he aids others; whoever migration is to Allah and His Messenger, the migration will be regarded as such, and whoever’s migration is to the world which he wants to achieve, then his migration is to what he desires.

Love of the people is not a mere word; rather, it is safety of the heart, striving to benefit the people and being ready to meet their needs, making sacrifice on their behalf, preferring them (to one’s self – in terms of the fulfilment of needs).

And what is better than preferring others to oneself, poverty to wealth, constraint to vastness (of livelihood), unpopularity to recognition and reputation? All these will make the people love you (the more) and rate you over those beside you; those who fancy this world over the hereafter, those who will not enter the Paradise in their own estimation.

Love of people is an act that requires carrying out some acts according to one’s ability. It also   requires some sacrifice in terms of wealth, time, striving and others. You can liken it to an arid land wherein co crop can germinate, yet you expend the best of your effort on it whereby what you expect from it is little harvest.

This thus requires from you a lot of supplications and entreaty to your Lord that He should provide for you the love and pleasure of these people.

Therefore, think little of your own benefit, prefer them to yourself; examine their needs and help them to fulfil these needs from within the coolness of your heart. Try to find out their state and thereby render their rights to them and do not fall short of this.

Be gentle and humble with them, strive to spread good to all of them at all times and do not make any of them feel you are away from them or covetous of them. Rather, you should always be at their service – to meet their demands even before they ask for help.

Spread the greeting of salaam, feed people, and stand in prayer in the night when people are asleep, and be nice to all Muslims – far and near. These are ways of earning people’s love and compassion.

It is with this love and care that the best and the most beloved of the prizes can be achieved Paradise. Who amongst us is not striving for, or coveting Paradise? Paradise is indeed the best gifts man can be given.