Allah SWT said:” O Ye who believe! Follow not Satan’s footsteps, if any will follow the footsteps of Satan, he will (but) command what is shameful and wrong..” (Annur:21)

The following is a partial list of activities that Satan does. They are too many to be counted. Some of his major activities are the following:He gives orders to people, and they have to listen, and follow as close as possible. He gives false promises, and people should take these promises seriously. He scares people if they do not follow him.

As long as they do not obey Allah, it is easy for Satan to scare them. He invites people to follow him and to commit all types of activities. He knows no Halal or Haram. Everything is Halal. He incites animosity among people. He enjoys seeing them enemies to one another.

He makes people to forget Allah by keeping them busy in the affairs of this world. The more they are preoccupied with this world, the more they forget Allah.

He pretends to be a good friend to people; otherwise, they will not listen to him. He also pretends that he is the best advisor to them.

Satan also whispers regularly to them in a sneaking way. He has no courage to come to them face to face. He makes sure that he does not reveal his identity; otherwise people may shy away from him or even ran away. His name scares many people. Hence it is better not to identify himself as Satan, jinn, ghost, spirit, etc.

Satan acts as a sneaker. He waits for the moment when people forget Allah, to jump forward, and sneakingly acts as an advisor. He lets people down, because he has nothing under his property to offer except false hopes and illusions.

He makes sure that people are to worship him. He pushes people to commit all types of Haram, immorality and vulgarity. He makes sure that people are to do all these vices privately as well as publicly; and at the same time they should think and believe that these activities are all halal.

Satan makes sure that people should not be shy, timid, or having any type of shyness. They should be bold and strong to do all types of vices without feeling ashamed of themselves.

It is on the contrary, those who commit immorality, should accuse and blame those who do not get involved in vices. The immoral activities are to be publicized, and popularized as noble acts of life itself. They would have enough supporters from within the human being side.

In family life, the main role of Satan is to create dissension between husbands and wives. In so doing, he will make sure that they hate one another. Accordingly, they end up into divorce.

Hence, the fight will start for the custody of the children. Therefore, a problem is created in the family, and the cornerstone for the foundation of the family is destroyed.

When separation or divorce takes place, children will not be raised properly with one single parent. They will be unstable in their personality.

Satan finds it easier to enter the hearts and minds of the children. He will lead them to wrong places. Hence, he makes them criminals in the society.

Satan has many ways of disturbing all of us. We should be smart enough to know the loopholes from which he tried to sneak in and to disturb us. We should also be smart to know the fortresses with which we can protect ourselves from his attack, invasion or even whispering into our minds and hearts.

(Prepared by Ustad Abdul Muhaemin Karim)