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At the age of 35, the Prophet (SAW) did his people a great service, helping to avert inner strife that would have lasted for many years and would likely have resulted in the demise of the Quraish. This occurred when the leaders of the Quraish decided to rebuild the Ka’bah, as it was badly in need of repair. When they finished building it, the only task that remained was placing the famous Black Stone in its place. There was, however, one serious problem: the people of each sub-tribe wanted the prestige that came with performing that honorable task. They were on the verge of fighting when a wise, old man among them suggested they allow the first man who would enter the gate of the Masjid to judge between them. They agreed, and much to their pleasure and satisfaction, the first man who entered upon them was the Messenger of Allah (SAW). They were pleased because they knew he (SAW) was trustworthy and that he would not take sides.

Although his youthful years were relatively uneventful, various incidents occurred to show that the Prophet (SAW) was being prepared for great things to come in the future; and at least on one occasion, he was recognized as being the awaited Prophet (SAW) that was mentioned in the revealed scriptures of both Jews and Christians. When the Prophet (SAW) was only 12 years old, he (SAW) accompanied his uncle on a business trip to Ash-Sham (Syria and surrounding regions) a land that was inhabited primarily by Christians.

Both of his parents had died by the time he was only six years old, the Prophet (SAW) grew up as an orphan. As difficult as the life of an orphan usually is, Allah (SWT) blessed the Prophet (SAW), providing him with refuge, the love and care of his uncle, and all of his basic material needs.

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