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Muslims make very elaborate preparations and arrangements for the month of fasting. They cancel business tours and try to stay at home during the month of Ramadhan. They get up early in the morning before dawn and offer nafilah (optional) prayer before taking their sehri (morning meals).

Fasting, like prayer, is also an act of worship and is the fourth pillar of Islam. It is compulsory for all Muslims, both men and women; but pregnant women, the sick and travellers are exempted from fasting. But travellers have to observe fasting after the end of their journey, pregnant women after the delivery of their child and the sick when they become well. Women during the period of menstruation need not fast but have to make up the lost days afterwards.

The true Muslim is the furthest removed from hypocrisy, flattery, and false praise., because the guidance of Islam protects him from sinking to the lowest level, as so many people nowadays have done, without realizing that they have sunk to the depth of disastrous, loathsome hypocrisy.

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