Fruits for the Week


Allah tells us that on the Day of Judgement, when the Trumpet is blown, this stable earth of ours, with its strong and heavy mountains, will be crushed with a single crushing. Allah said: “Then when the Trumpet will be blown with one blowing (the first one). And the earth and the mountains shall be removed from their places, and crushed with a single crushing. Then on that Day shall the great Event befall.” (Al-Haqqah: 13-15). Allah further said: “Nay! When the earth is ground to powder.” (Al-Fajr: 21).

Abu Hurayrah (RA) reported, “A man said to the Prophet (SAW), ‘Advise me.’ The Prophet (SAW) said, ‘Do not get angry.’ The man asked again, and the Prophet (SAW) said, ‘Do not get angry.’” (Imam Bukhari)

Another indication of how terrible that Day will be in the fact that it will be so long. Allah said: “The angels and Jibreel ascend to Him in a Day the measure whereof is fifty thousand years. So be patient (O’ Muhammad), with a good patient. Verily, they see it (the torment) afar off. But we see it (quite) near.” (Al-Ma’arij: 4-7)