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On the authority of Anas (RA), who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (SWT) saying: “Allah, the Exalted, has said, ‘O sons of Adam, as long as you supplicate Me and implore Me, I will forgive for you whatever issued from you, and I will not mind. O sons of Adam, even if your sin reached the clouds of the sky and then you sought My forgiveness, I would forgive you. O sons of Adam, even if you come to Me with nearly the earth’s capacity of sins and then meet Me without associating anything with Me, I will come to you with nearly its capacity of forgiveness.’” (Tirmidhi)

On the authority of Ibn Umar (ra) who said: The Messenger of Allah (saw) took me by the shoulder and said: “Be in this world as though you were a stranger or a traveler/wayfarer.” Ibn Umar used to say: “When evening comes do not expect (to live till) morning, and when morning comes, do not expect (to live till) evening. Take from your health (a preparation) for your illness. And from your life for your death.” (Bukhari)

Abu Abdullah Jabir bin Abdullah al-Ansari (ra) reported that a man questioned the Messenger of Allah (saw), saying: “Do you see, if I pray the prescribed (prayers), fast during Ramadhan, treat the lawful as permissible and treat the forbidden as prohibited, but do nothing more than that, shall I enter Paradise?” He (the Prophet) answered: “Yes.” (Muslim)


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