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Allah’s creation includes creatures that are visible and invisible to the human eye. Among the invisible creatures are the angels and the Iblis and shaitan (devil). Angels are spiritual beings endowed with one set ability only. They constantly and continuously adore Allah and execute His Commands day and night without fail. All their virtuous acts are spontaneous. They have no option of their own to do evil. Hence, by nature, they are free from all animal passions and evil temptations, and so they cannot go astray. The devil occupies the opposite camp.

In the valley of Arafat, on this great occasion, hundreds and thousands of people are assembling, all of them in groups shouting “Here we are, O God! Here we are, in Your Presence!” This experience of a pilgrim cannot be described in words; it can only be felt by one who has gone through such an experience himself.

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and is an act of ibadah (worship), like prayer and fasting. It is a religious duty and is obligatory, once in their lifetime, for all those Muslim who can afford to perform it. All the five pillars of Islam perform very important and specific functions in training a Muslim for the service of Islam. 


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