Fruits for the Week


20 Jan. 2012

The Prophet (saw) said: “Be aware of sitting in the street. The companions said: ‘Messenger of Allah, we have no other choice but to sit there and engage in conversation there.’ The Prophet (saw) said:’ If you must sit there, then give the street its rights.’ They asked:’  What are its rights.’ He said:’ Lowering the gaze, refraining from causing annoyance, returning the greeting, enjoining what is good, and forbidding what is evil.’” (Bukhari, Muslim Abu Dawud and Ahmad) 

16 Dec. 2011

Allah (swt) said: “Thinking well of people is part of worshipping properly.” (Abu Daud) 

All human beings have been created with a natural inclination to do good, even though there is some inclination to do evil due to the whispers of Satan. Allah (swt) said: “(Adhere to) the fitrah of Allah with which He has created all people. No change should there be in the creation of Allah.” (Ar-Rum: 30) 

28 Oct. 2011

The Prophet (saw) said: “The most correct concern is that of a true believer who pays due attention to matters of this world and to matters pertaining to the Hereafter.” 

The above hadith tells us that service or work must be based on moral and religious values. Working is not merely a means for material gains but an obligation to Allah who has provided us with the resources for our needs. These resources, however, need to be tapped, treated and prepared for our use and consumption. We therefore need to till the land to grow our food, mine ores, fish and so on. But, we must not overuse or misuse them for if we do it will be to our disadvantage. There has to be moderation in anything we do.