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Application Form for Voting Member


How to?


Membership is open only to Muslims who are ordinarily resident in Hong Kong at the time of application and of 18 years of age or over. Ordinarily resident means resident for a period of at least 180 days in any one year. Application form must be signed by the applicant. After the application has been approved and the first monthly subscription has been paid, the applicant shall be a member of the Union and required to follow the Rules and By-laws of the Union.

Type of membership

  1. Voting Members; and
  2. Ordinary Membership
  3. (Voting Members will be invited to attend all General Meetings of the Union and enjoy the right to vote and propose resolutions in the meetings. Any Ordinary Member can apply to be a Voting Member. Application will then be passed to the General Council for approval.)


Amount of Subscription

The amount of monthly subscription for a voting member or ordinary member shall be $15 per month or $180 per year.


The whole amount will be passed to The Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong for the maintenance of masjids and cemeteries in Hong Kong.


Membership Benefits


Paid-up Ordinary and Voting members will receive the following benefits -


  1. The cost of tea will be wavied up to three guest when patronisng the Islamic Centre Canteen;
  2. Eligible for Ma Tat Ng Library membership and be a guarantor for non-IUHK member to borrow items from the library;
  3. May receive special discount or privilege when participating in the Union events;
  4. Receive special discount when booking the Seminar Room for religious functions; and
  5. Receive the Union's periodic circulars and newsletters by mail.



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Application for Ordinary Membership

Application for Upgrading to Voting Member

Application Form for re-issue of Membership Card

Memorandum and Articles of Association

For enquiries, please contact Miss Yang (Ah Ling), Tel: 34699210, email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in person at the 6/F Library of Masjid Ammar & Osman Ramju & Sadick Islamic Centre.

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