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The true Muslim prefers others to himself, even if he is poor because Islam teaches its followers to do so. This altruism is a basic characteristic of the true Muslim, which distinguishes him from other people.

The Book of Allah (swt) is the most authentic and reliable book ever. It recorded the history of the nations that came before it and told us about the people in the era preceding the message of Muhammad (saw) who were living in the darkness of ignorance and following terrible traditions. They buried many of their daughters alive, ate the flesh of dead animals, worshipped idols, and severed the ties of kinship. They often fought each other in tribal disputes and often usurped each other property.

The virtue of Friday

Friday is a blessed day; indeed, it is the best day in the world, the best day of the week. Because Allah Almighty gave it such an important status, it should be honored. It is a day in which we should perform many good deeds, avoiding all evil ones. It is a day on which we should send many prayers upon the Prophet (saw). Abu Hurairah, may Allah be pleased with, related that the Prophet (saw) said: “The best day that the sun has risen upon is Friday; in it, Adam was created, and during it, he was made to enter Paradise, and on it, he left Paradise. And the Hour will not arrive except on Friday.” (Muslim)


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