Fruits for the Week

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There is an important word which we Muslims use a lot but understand little. This word in ‘Ibadah. It is very important that we understand its true meaning and significance. The sole purpose of our creation, the end of our lives, Allah (swt) says, “And I have not created jinn and mankind except to worship and serve Me.” (Al-Dhariyat: 56)

The Prophet (SAW) has exhorted us to fast during certain days: six days of Shawwal, the Day of Arafah, the day of Ashura, most of the month of Sha’ban, Monday and Thursday, three days of every month and the fasting of Prophet Dawud.

Among other blessings, fasting brings enormous economic benefits for the Muslim community. During the month of Ramadhan, the rich people very generously on the poor to win the pleasure of Allah. Their generosity and charity enable the poor section of the community to receive sufficient funds during this month to meet their needs for at least a part of the year.