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The adhan is a call to inform others in specific words that the time for prayer has begun. It is a call to the congregation and is an expression of Islamic practices. It is obligatory or highly preferred. Al-Qurtubi and others have said that the adhan, although it has very few words, covers all the essentials of the faith. It begins by proclaiming the greatness of Allah, pointing to His existence and perfection. It mentions His oneness and denial of polytheism, and it confers the messengership of Muhammad (SAW). It calls to specific acts of obedience after testifying to Muhammad’s messengership, and it calls to prosperity which is everlasting, pointing to the return to Allah. Then in a manner of emphasis, it repeats some of what was already mentioned.

Hadrat Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqas (RA) was one of the earliest and most trusted companions of the Prophet (SAW). He was the conqueror of Iraq and Persia. He was a great general who embraced Islam at the early age of 17 and he was one of the ten companions who were promised Paradise during their lifetime.

In Islam, going to the bathroom involves the following etiquette:

1. It is not proper for one to carry something that has Allah’s name upon it (unless he is afraid of losing it stolen) while he is going to the bathroom.

Anas (RA) related that the Messenger of Allah, upon whom be peace, had a ring engraved with Muhammad Rasulullah (Muhammad the Messenger of Allah), which he would remove when he went to the bathroom.

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