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The pilgrimage has its economic benefits for Muslims. They come from various walks of life; some are traders or industrialists; others are capitalists or farmers. They can discuss the economic problems of their mutual benefits; exchange of technical know-how or skill, or exchange of goods and machinery between them. The rich countries can think of the ways to give financial aids or loads to the poor or underdeveloped Muslim countries. The poor countries can discuss their economic problems with their brother pilgrims from the rich countries.

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and is an act of ibadah (worship), like prayer and fasting. It is a religious duty and is obligatory, once in their lifetime, for all those Muslim who can afford to perform it. All the five pillars of Islam perform very important and specific functions in training a Muslim for the service of Islam. 

The true Muslim prefers others to himself, even if he is poor because Islam teaches its followers to do so. This altruism is a basic characteristic of the true Muslim, which distinguishes him from other people.


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